The Grunch

The grunch is an interesting figure indeed. The tale of the grunch goes all the way back to the 1800s. You'll have to listen to the episode to find out how it was made, but it is a chupacabra like being, but much older. It has a goat like head, spines down it's back, glowing red eyes, fangs, and sucks on the blood of goats and others. Some legends say it's similar to the werewolf in that if you are bitten and live through the experience, you will turn into a grunch on a full moon. 

The grunch howls like a banshee. If you're in New Orleans late at night and you hear an ungodly howl, you'd better get off the streets because the grunch just might be near. It is generally said to inhabit the area by Grunch Road and Haynes Road, but in New Orleans, you never know what could be lurking where. 


The Grunch


Artist rendering of the grunch

The grunch

This picture actually shows an artist's rendering of a chupacabra, but the grunch is said to look similar. Painting by Josh Burns at 

Artist rendering of the grunch


Artist's rendering of the grunch road monster

The grunch

the grunch monster

Supposed picture of a grunch

The devil baby


An effigy of the devil baby by Ricardo Pustiano. It is said to be haunted. In old New Orleans, devil babies were placed outside of homes to ward off the real devil baby. They were also often used in hoodoo to place curses.  Marie Leveau did not condone the use of the devil baby effigy since it made light of the real devil baby's horrible affliction. She was the godmother of the original devil baby. 

Marie Leveau


Marie Levau, also known as the Voodoo Queen. She was said to be the most prominent, powerful voodoo priestess in New Orleans. 

Supposed picture of a grunch


Supposed picture of a grunch. The person who took the picture claims there were two of them and they ran away on two legs. 

Video of UFO over Lafayette Louisiana

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